2020 Global Issues Innovation Competition

You get to be creative and compete against some of the brightest minds around in the 2020 Canada Star Secondary School Global Issues Innovation Competition.

The 2020 CANADA STAR SECONDARY GLOBAL ISSUES INNOVATION COMPETITION is an exciting competition where you get to create a design that solves a real-world problem.  You will be asked to design a portable, lightweight, compact, waterproof homeless shelter.  Your innovation would be helping to solve a huge global issue. There are two presentations that explain the process below. You may work with a partner or partners and you don’t CoinPal even have to be a student at Canada Star Secondary School to participate spotify promotion and win.  You simply need to be a student in grade 7-12 with a creative mind!  Feel free to request assistance or advice on your design by contacting Mr. Anstey at robert@canstarlearning.com