About Us:

Canada Star Secondary School is a British Columbia co-educational independent day school founded in 2013 offering the British Columbia Grade 8-12 curriculum, Academic English preparation, a Top University Bridge Program, and all other services that international students may require. Our campus is located in the quiet and beautiful city of Richmond, in the Greater Vancouver area, and delivers the highest-quality learning system and personalized university plans for students.

Our students are determined high performers who set their own goals and exceed their own expectations. They have the confidence to succeed, and the courage to explore and push the boundaries to become one of “Tomorrow’s Global Leaders.” To support their goals, we provide them with all the tools for their academic journey including English mastery, application guidance, academic training, leadership skills and more.

Why Choose Us?

Small class sizes

Our small class sizes provide students with the opportunity to join discussions, ask questions, and make sure they are confident in the learning and understanding of the material. We limit each class to 15 students, with the average number being 12.

Experienced instructors

All of our instructors are university graduates, who are certified to teach in British Columbia, and will work closely together with our students all the way to graduation.


Academic Advising

Our Academic Advisors will assist students with all aspects of their academic life, including course selection, volunteer opportunities, choosing their majors, selecting suitable universities and preparing various applications.

Student Services

Our students are a part of our family, and we will provide the support and personal attention to ensure success both in and out of the classroom. A Student Services team member will always be available, should students need any kind of help or assistance.

Extra-curricular Learning

We offer extracurricular activities like clubs and after-school cooking classes, as well as basketball, badminton, and tennis.  Our student services team also helps students find community service or volunteer opportunities.

Scholarship Opportunities

As part of our commitment to provide top academic training to tomorrow’s global leaders, we are always looking to support the education of young learners.  We are proud to offer entrance scholarships to students committed to academic excellence.

Open & Constant Communication

We strive to build strong partnerships with parents to help students achieve great success. We offer weekly attendance reports and monthly communication between administration and parents or guardians to provide academic updates from our instructors.

Semester System

Our semester system allows students to study 4 courses per term, in 2 terms per year, and up to 2 more courses in the Summer. Our Fall Term runs from September to January and our Spring Term runs from February to June.

Summer School Program

Our summer program is designed to help students that need additional help in their studies, or simply want to get ahead. Summer programs provide a comprehensive and well-rounded understanding of the curriculum featuring learning and coping strategies that help foster students’ desire to learn and excel not only academically, but through taking a role of leadership in the classroom and beyond.