Welcome to Canada Star Secondary School, an independent secondary school based in beautiful Metro Vancouver. Founded in 2013 with the vision of fostering a safe and inclusive learning environment for tomorrow’s global leaders, Canada Star Secondary has been home to countless young learners from across the world. We provide a rigorous, yet supportive study plan to ensure all students are prepared to gain admission to a Canadian or U.S. university of their choice.

We offer a dedicated and experienced team of BC-certified educators and academic advisors who tailor their teaching methods to the individual needs of each student. We focus on academic prep through the use of small class sizes, post-secondary school planning, monthly communication between administrators and parents, and comprehensive after-school tutoring.

Student achievement is at the heart of all we do. We offer excellent teaching and are committed to inspiring a passion for knowledge and deep learning for its own sake. We prepare our students for examination success, but also ensure they are truly ready for the next step in their educational journey and will continue to be successful beyond the school doors. Our broad and balanced curriculum and an impressive range of extra-curricular activities are provided within an exceptionally supportive environment.


**All Group 4 independent schools must be bonded. Independent school authorities of all Group 4 schools must post financial guarantees in accordance with the Bonding Act, equal to 75 percent of all fees collected from students for one of the periods of July through December, or January through June, whichever generated the most fees, of the previous school year. Group 4 schools must maintain valid bonds continuously while they are operating. Canada Star Secondary School meets all of these requirements.