Admissions Assessment:

At Canada Star Secondary School all international students whose primary language is other than English, are required to take an ELL assessment as part of the student’s application process for entry into the school. This assessment must be taken prior to admission of the student and receipt of the conditional letter of admission. 

The school uses a highly respected tool entitled iTEP SLATE (Secondary Level Assessment Test of English) is the most comprehensive tool for high schools, middle schools, and academies to measure the English proficiency of incoming ESL students and monitor the language development of students in existing English programs. 

This assessment must be conducted in order to inform what level or types of supports the student needs and requires.

The initial assessment takes 90 minutes to complete and involves grammar, speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

Admissions Assessment:

Before you start, please read the “iTEP Exam Rules and Restrictions” document carefully.

    1. First please read the following instructions labeled“iTEP Lockdown Browser Quick Setup Guide.”
    2. IMPORTANT:  Before proceeding make sure you have downloaded and run the appropriate lockdown browser as instructed in the Set-Up Guide.
    3. Take the iTEP SLATE Plus test using the following link:
    4. Use the iTEP test ID and password provided to you by your Admissions Advisor to access your iTEP test.

Test Scores:

3.5 and higherStudents would be able to take English 10
3.0 - 3.4Students would be able to take English 10, with an ELL 10 support class
2.6 - 2.9Students will be placed in an ELL non-credit course
2.5 and lowerStudents will be placed in an ELL non-credit course and will also be required to take additional ELL courses at Can-Star Academy.

If you need any assistance, please contact your Admissions Officer. 

Good luck!