Tuition & Fees

Academic Year 2023-2024

All fees are in Canadian Dollars and include all taxes and fees unless specified.

For the pdf version click here: 2023-2024-Tuition-&-Fees

2023-2024 Tuition Fee Amount Frequency
Domestic student fees apply to Canadian citizens, Permanent Residents and Refugees $8,000 Per Semester

2023-2024 Tuition Fee Amount Frequency
International students applying for a Study Permit will have to pay for a full academic year $10,000 Per Semester

 Fee Amount Frequency
Application fee

Non-refundable. Must be submitted with application.

$200 Per Application
Student Service Fee

Includes: academic/course planning with an Academic Advisor, interview with students/parents, tutoring (4 pm-6 pm three times a week), volunteering planning, university application advising.

$200 Per Semester
Curricular Activities & Clubs

Includes field trips, holiday activities, student clubs, etc.

$350 Per Semester
Books & Materials Fee

Includes use of books and other printed materials in class.

$200 Per Application
School Uniform

Average cost for one full outfit. Prices do not include taxes.  Additional school uniform items are charged on a per-item basis. Students order directly from Cambridge Uniforms. See Uniform forms for details.

Female student $379.50 to $425 As Necessary
Male student $382 As Necessary
PE Uniform (Grades 8-10 only) $47 As Necessary
Medical Insurance (International students only)

Includes Private Medical insurance for the first 90 days, and MSP.

$500 Semester
Graduation Fee (Grade 12 only) $200 Per Application

Fee Amount Frequency
Homestay Application Fee

Non-refundable. All Homestay options include 3 meals a day.

$200 Per Application
Homestay Fees: Private Room, shared washroom $1,500 Per Month
Homestay Fees: Private room, private washroom $1,600 Per Month
Homestay Fees: Private room, private washroom, and rides $2,000 Per Month
Custodianship Declaration $200 One time
Custodianship Fee $500 Per Semester
Airport Pick-up/Drop-off $80 Each way
Sports Team Registration $200 Per Application

Discount amount is based on Academic Year. Discount applies to direct family only. Students need to submit proof of relationship.

1st Student Full tuition fees
2nd Sibling $2,000 discount on tuition fees
3rd Sibling $4,000 discount on tuition fees
4th Sibling $8,000 discount on tuition fees
5th Sibling 100% tuition fee waiver

2023-2024 Tuition Fees

Grade 8-9: $22,850 USD
Grade 10-12: $23,750 USD

Please note US Customs families tuition is in US Funds

Domestic Payments

Cash, bank draft or private cheque to: “Canada Star Education Group Inc”

Mail To: 11295 Mellis Dr. Richmond BC  V6X 1L8

International Payments


Go to with your Invoice information to make a payment.

Choose local, familiar payment options including bank wire transfer, credit cards, e-wallet and more for most countries and territories.

For any questions, contact the Customer Support Team at +1 800 346 9252 or

Wire transfer to:

"Canada Star Education Group Inc"

Bank Name:  Bank of Montreal

Institution Number: 001

Transit Number: 3877

Account Number: 1973-357 (CAD)

Swift Number: BOFMCAM2

Code: CC000138770

Bank Address: 3880 No.3 Road #100, Richmond, BC Canada V6X 2C1

Please add CAD$30 to cover bank fees and attach the name of the sender and the name and date of birth of the student.

The Board of Canada Star Secondary School (“the school” or “we”, “us” or “our”) is committed to provide quality education programs. The Board shall not be liable for losses or expenses a student may incur as a result of the Board being unable to provide an Educational Program, or any delay or interruption in the Educational Program, that arises out of or is caused, directly or indirectly by causes beyond its control.

In the event of a disruption or delay in an Educational Program, we will make reasonable efforts to resume delivery of the Educational Program as soon as we can do so safely and in accordance with legal requirements. We reserve the right to facilitate delivery by making changes to the Educational Program, such as by delivering the services by alternative means.

The refund policy and refund request procedure are in effect from the moment a student has paid tuition fee to the school Program until the student officially withdraws from our program.

All refund requests must be submitted in writing with all relevant and supporting documents listed on the Withdrawal Request Form. Additional documentation may be requested in order to assess a refund request. The refund policy and request procedures may change from time to time, and amendments will be effective when posted. The following refund policy will apply to all students.

1. Refunds are not available for administrative fees that are paid to the School for receiving and processing a student’s application or enrollment, for a homestay placement or for making arrangements for the student’s reception or orientation in the School (“Non-Refundable Fees”).
The Non-Refundable Fees include:
a. Application Fee
b. Homestay Placement Fee
c. Custodianship Fee
2. If the School has collected any amounts from students that have been paid or are payable to third parties (including but not limited to, medical insurance, school uniforms), then any available refunds will depend on the policies of the third party and whether payment of the monies is forgiven or refundable by the third party.
3. Students are required to enroll in the medical insurance group plan for the entire duration of their Educational Program in the School. The Student is responsible for additional insurance coverage should they stay in British Columbia beyond the duration of their Educational Program at the school. The School is not responsible for any loss or damage suffered by the student as a result of failure to maintain adequate insurance.
4. The School will receive and consider requests for refund of fees, other than Non-Refundable Fees and $500 administration fee, where the Student’s initial study permit and/or entry visa or a returning student’s study permit and/or entry visa is not approved by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), provided that the refusal is not due to the Student’s delay or failure to apply sufficiently in advance of the commencement of their Educational Program and subject to the Student providing satisfactory supporting documentation. The Student must submit a copy of the original IRCC letter of denial, a copy of the study permit and/or entry visa application or extension application, and the Letter of Acceptance or Letter of Re- Admission issued by the school.
5. If the School determines that a refund is appropriate, we reserve the right to reduce the amount of tuition fee refunded to offset our own costs including the loss of any staff time or resources arising from a student withdrawal. Generally, reduction in amount of Tuition refunded will be as follows:
A. for students in the first school year, the following will apply:
i. The full tuition fee, less CAD$500, will be refunded upon receipt of satisfactory evidence that the Study Permit was not approved by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).
ii. Two-thirds (2/3) of the tuition fee will be refunded if the student withdraws prior to commencement of the program;
iii. One half (1/2) of the tuition fee will be refunded if the student withdraws before the end of the first calendar month of the program; and
iv. No refund will be granted, for any reason, if the student withdraws after the first calendar month of the program;
B. If a student indicates they will be returning to the Canada Star Secondary School for a second or subsequent school year and withdraws prior to commencing the second or subsequent school year, the following will apply:
i. 50% of the annual tuition fee will be refunded if they withdraw from the program on or prior to or May 31st (September intake) or October 31st (January intake). No refunds will be provided after these dates.
C. No refund will be provided if:
i. the Student is suspended or expelled from their Educational Program or required to withdraw due to their own inappropriate behavior, such as where the Student fails to comply with the policy of their Educational Program, the School’s Code of Conduct, or any applicable laws or the rules, policies or procedures of the School or its homestay program.
ii. the Student is removed from the Education Program because information provided in their application for enrollment is determined by the School to be false or misleading, including undisclosed illness, medical or mental health conditions or undisclosed educational needs.
iii. the Student withdraws after receiving permission to defer their Educational Program. Deferral requests must be received and approved by the school prior to the Student’s Educational Program commencement date. The student can request a Deferral to the subsequent intake
date one time only.
D. If the Student and the parent with whom they reside become “ordinarily resident” in British Columbia (within the meaning of the British Columbia School Act) or changes status from international to domestic after the payment of the Tuition Fee, but prior to the commencement of the Educational Program, the student shall be entitled to a refund of the difference of Tuition Fees provided that the School receives notice and proof of the changes of residency status prior to the commencement of the Educational Program.
Once a student has enrolled at Canada Star Secondary School and decides to leave, they must contact the office. The above conditions apply regarding fees. Student records will be transferred to up to one school for free at the designated school of the student’s choosing. Further requests for records will incur additional fees. Canada Star Secondary School will notify the Ministry of Education according to data requirements and policies for students leaving school

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