Homestay is a residence with a local host family, that offers furnished accommodation, and meals to our students. Staying with a homestay family adds a valuable dimension to the Canadian education experience. When students chose to stay with a homestay, they become a member of the family they live with and part of the community they live in.

Canada Star Secondary School arranges accommodations with carefully screened host families to suit an international student’s particular needs. Each student will have a private bedroom in a residence located near the school. Our dedicated program staff works closely with students and families to ensure good relationships and excellent student living conditions.

Study Permits:

All full-time international students in Canada, taking a program that is 6 months long or longer need to apply for a study permit.

Depending on the student’s nationality, they might also need an entry visa or ETA.

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Health Insurance:
International students in Canada, are only eligible for the provincial MSP (Medical Service Plan) after 90 days of residence in the province. Canada Star Secondary School arranges private insurance through StudyInsured for all of our new international students for the first 90 days, and we make the application for their MSP enrollment.

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International Financial Support:

Canada Star Secondary School has partnered with the ultimate financial solution for international students in Canada, Sidekick.

For Parents:

Sidekick is the best way to manage your child’s budget while studying abroad.

✓ Ultimate Peace of Mind Tool

✓ Send Money Fast

✓ Easy to Use

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