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Academics (Grade 8-12)

Canada Star Secondary School offers Grades 8 to 12. This program is certified by the BC Ministry of Education. Graduates receive the same credential as any public high school in British Columbia (BC Dogwood Diploma). The B.C. Graduation Program ensures that students graduate from secondary school as educated citizens, with the knowledge, competencies, and skills they will need to transition successfully into higher education, training, and the workforce.

Students must earn at least 80-course credits and complete the Provincial Graduation Assessments in numeracy and literacy to graduate.

Graduation Requirements:80 credits
Career-Life Education, and Career-Life Connections8
Physical and Health Education 104
Science 10, and a Science 11 or 128
Social Studies 10, and a Social Studies 11 or 128
A Math 10, and a Math 11 or 128
A Language Arts 10, 11 and a required 1212
An Arts Education 10, 11, or 12 and/or an Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies 10, 11, or 124
Elective Courses28
Grade 10 Numeracy Assessment
Grade 10 Literacy Assessment
Grade 12 Literacy Assessment