2023-2024 AP Exam Registration

Registration for AP Exam May 2024 is now closed.
Registration for AP Exams May 2025 will open in September 2024.
If you have questions, please contact at apexam@canadastarsecondary.ca. Please do not call the school for AP inquiries.

Frequently Asked Questions(please click here)

The 2024 AP Exams will be administered at Canada Star Secondary School over two weeks in May 2024: May 6–10 and May 13–17. Late testing will not be available. Please note that the exam payment is non-refundable under any circumstances. Students must be certain that they are committed to writing the exam(s) in May 2024. It is the students’ responsibility to stay updated with AP announcements and directions. Therefore, please provide an accurate email address for communication purposes.

2024 AP Exam Calendar


***The 2024 AP Exams will be administered in schools over two weeks in May: May 6–10 and May 13–17.***

Week 1:

Morning 8 a.m. Local Time Afternoon 12 p.m. Local Time
May 6, 2024
N/A Art History
May 7, 2024
Human Geography (Fully Booked)

M̶i̶c̶r̶o̶e̶c̶o̶n̶o̶m̶i̶c̶s̶ (Fully Booked)
May 8, 2024
N/A Comparative Government and Politics
Computer Science A
May 9, 2024
N/A Psychology (Fully Booked)
May 10, 2024
European History
United States History
Macroeconomics (Fully Booked)

Week 2:

Morning 8 a.m. Lo-cal TimeAfternoon 12 p.m. Local TimeAfternoon 2 p.m. Local Time
May 13, 2024
Calculus AB (Fully Booked)

Calculus BC (Fully Booked)
May 14, 2024
English Language and CompositionPhysics C: MechanicsPhysics C: Electricity and Magnetism
May 15, 2024
World History: ModernComputer Science Principles
May 16, 2024
May 17, 2024
Physics 1: Algebra-BasedN/A

Registration Process

STEP 1: Exam Registration and Payment

Students must first pay for each exam (see payment method below) and fill out the Registration Form
Upload proof of payment and a government-issued photo ID in the designated space in the Jotform. Please note that registration will not be processed without both payment and complete information.

STEP 2: Setting up an AP College Board Account

Following the submission of payment and Registration Form, students will receive JOIN CODE(S) via email for each exam they are writing in May 2024. At this step, students will set up a College Board account at https://myap.collegeboard.org/login. Students must enter their JOIN CODE(S) into their MyAP account within 48 hours upon receiving, or else they may risk losing their access to the exam or causing late registration fees.

Both steps must be completed on or before March 1st, 2024 to order exams.  Failure to follow these steps will result in late fees or cancellation of your exam(s).

If you have any questions, please contact apexam@canadastarsecondary.ca. Please do not call the school for AP inquiries.

STEP 3: Writing the exam

Students will take the exam at Canada Star Secondary School ( 11295 Mellis Dr, Richmond, BC V6X 1L8). Students will be allowed to enter the building 15 minutes prior to the exam time. Please bring a government-issued photo ID and the registration form which you received when you registered online. Do not bring any electronic devices with you on the day of the exam.

See more instructions here: https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/exam-policies-guidelines/what-to-bring-on-exam-day

Payment Information

Exam Registration Fee: $285 (both Step One and Step Two completed on or before November 1st 2023)

Late Registration Fee: $335 (after November 2nd, 2023, and both steps completed on or before March 1st, 2024)

  1. Registration fees can be paid via email transfer or Alpha Pay.
  2. Please take a screenshot of the payment confirmation page and upload it to the Jotform when you register your exams.

For any questions regarding payment, please email to info@canstarlearning.com.

Email transfer: Please send your payment to the following email address: info@canstarlearning.com.

Alpha Pay: Please use this code for Alpha Pay:


  • Please note that we are no longer accepting mailed-in cheques.
  • Please note that successful payment does not guarantee sitting in a certain exam. You MUST complete both Step One and Step Two.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can students from other schools register AP Exam at Canada Star Secondary School?
Yes. Canada Star Secondary School offers AP Exam seats to all students who wish to write the AP exams in May. Students must follow the instructions on the school’s website and complete the process.

What if I have made a payment, but the sitting is full?
We will update the website when a particular course is full, so please make sure you check our website frequently. If you have made the payment without knowing the sitting is full, or the sitting is full before you put in the join code, you can request a refund by sending the receipt and your refund account information to the email info@canstarlearning.com. We will process the refund within 10 business days of receiving the complete refund request.

When will I receive the JOIN CODE after registration?
Usually you will receive the join code within 10 business days after the payment and registration submission. Check your email regularly, which you put in the registration Jotform including spam/junk box. If you do not receive it in 10 business days, please send an email to apexam@canadastarsecondary.ca. Students must complete Step 2 within the time as requested.

How do I know my exam schedule or location?
You can find your exam schedule and location in your MyAP account. Log into your MyAP account and you will see all the information. Your AP ID can also be found in your MyAP account as well.

What time should I arrive at the school on the day of the exam?
Students need to arrive 15 minutes before the exam time. Check exam time in the 2024 AP Exam Schedule.

Can I take the exam if I am late?
If you are more than 15 minutes late from the start of the exam, you will not be allowed to enter the building and take the exam. Check exam time in the 2024 AP Exam Schedule.

Where is your school or exam room?
Canada Star Secondary School (11295 Mellis Dr, Richmond V6X 1L8)
The test site will be clearly marked, and there will be staff onsite to provide directions.

What is the schedule for the exam day?
• Students will be allowed to enter the examination room 10-15 minutes before the exam starts. For the morning session, students start to enter at 7:45 am, and the afternoon session starts to enter at 11:45 am.
• If you arrive early, please wait outside the building.
• Students will not be allowed to take the exam if they are more than 15 minutes late.
• Only students are allowed to enter the building.

What is the exam procedure?
• There are instructions for each part of the exam. Listen carefully when the proctors read the instructions and time reminders.
• Make sure to leave sufficient time to complete the answer sheet/bubble sheet.
• Students may not open the exam booklets or write anything until instructed to do so by the proctors.
• Proctors will guide students in filling out your personal information, pasting your AP ID, exam ID, sealing the answer booklets, etc.
• During the exam, students are not permitted to ask any questions related to the content of the exam.
• No electronic devices are allowed to be brought in the exam room. Students can not use any electronic devices during the whole exam time window, even during break.

What do students bring to the exam?
• A current government-issued photo ID. Students will not be allowed to write the exam without a photo ID.
• Several No. 2 or HB pencils, pens with black or dark blue ink, and eraser.
• An acceptable calculator. Read the AP exam calculator policy: https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/exam-policies-guidelines/calculator-policies
• A watch that does not have internet access, beeps, or an alarm.
• A ruler or straightedge for AP Physics only. Protractors are not allowed.

What not to bring to the exam?
• Electronic equipment including phones, smartwatches, fitness trackers, wearable technology, cameras, recording or listening devices, or any other type of electronic or communication device.
• Books, reference guides, notes, compasses, protractors, mechanical pencils, pencils that are not No. 2, correction fluid, dictionaries, highlighters, or coloured pencils.
• Scratch paper.
• Watches that beep, make a noise, or have an alarm.
• Computers or calculators that are not approved.
• Reference guides, keyboard maps, or other typing instructions.
• Ear plugs.
• Clothing or shoes with subject-related information.
• Food or drink.
• Clipboards.

When and how will I receive my exam score?
College board usually releases the AP exam results in early to Mid July. You can find them in your MyAP account. More information: https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/view-scores

What do I do if my score(s) is not available in early or mid July?
Not all scores are released at the same time. Some scores may take longer due to later testing dates or other circumstances. If you do not receive your scores by August 15, you may contact the College Board by using the online form or by calling the number listed on the website.