Top University Bridge Program

Canada Star Secondary School’s elite Top University Bridge Program is a unique program that not only focuses on each student’s academic skills but also on the development of important life-skills. This individualized, goal-oriented program is offered to students in grades 9 to 12 and focuses on five major educational foundations:

Academic Planning

including course guidance, language training, tutoring and test preparation after school

Advanced Reading

including literacy and vocabulary development, literature reviews and style exploration.

Extracurricular Planning

emphasizing community engagement, social responsibility and leadership training.

Specialization Training

focusing on expanding students’ personal skill sets, recognizing their achievements and discovering their potential.

University Selection

consulting on application preparation, school research and course selection.

The Top University Bridge Program provides students with an advantage when applying to university. Each student will be assigned a personal advisor who will give them extra support, academic help, and additional training which prepares them to apply to the top universities of their choice. They also have the opportunity to join after-school classes to further strengthen their skill set, putting them well ahead of other applicants.