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US University Admissions

Meet our US University Admissions Counsellor – Aman Dang

With 12 years of admissions and counseling experience, Aman is an independent college admissions consultant who strongly believes in a holistic education. Born in Hong Kong and having worked in 4 different countries, his international background gives him a unique insight into the needs of international students looking to attend colleges abroad. He received his B.A. from Colby College where he discovered his passion for education and youth development. In 2012, he completed his Ed.M in International Education Policy from Harvard University, where he focused his teaching for global competence and educational innovation.

He previously worked as an Admissions Counselor at MIT, where he learned not only what it takes to be admitted to a highly selective university, but also how subjective the process can be. As a result, his approach to counseling is student-centered and he believes the application process is a rare opportunity for deep reflection and self-discovery. In short, he is focused on delivering a transformative education that develops the skills and self-awareness of every student.

Notable Results

Excluding his time as an admissions officer and school counselor, he has been in the industry for 9 cycles and has had a few ‘shiny’ results every year.

Below is the breakdown of his Top 5 results (Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford & MIT). He mentioned that it always depends on the caliber of student you’re working with but he has been luckiest with Stanford (7 students attended), Yale (3 students attended), Princeton (3 students attended) and MIT (2 students attended). He also had his first Harvard admit in 2019 too.


Notable results from two years ago (14 students):

  • 1 boy admitted to MIT
  • 1 girl accepted to UChicago ED II
  • 1 girl accepted to Columbia-Juilliard ED
  • 1 girl accepted to UPenn ED

This year’s results out of 13 students:

  • 1 boy admitted to CMU-School of Computer Science
  • 1 boy admitted to Duke University
  • 1 Girl admitted to NYU ED
  • 1 boy admitted to Cornell ED
  • 1 boy admitted to Northwestern & CMU
This year’s results’ for Vancouver students:
  • Vancouver boy admitted to UC B Computer Science (Sentinel Secondary, W. Vancouver)
  • Vancouver boy admitted to UC B Computer Science (Semiahmoo Secondary, Surrey)
  • Vancouver boy admitted to UC B Engineering (Lord Byng, Vancouver)
  • Vancouver boy admitted to Colby (St. George’s, Vancouver)

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