7 Tips to Help Your Child Succeed at Canada Star Secondary School

As a parent, you may feel the need to send your children to private schools to guarantee they’ll have a better future. Of course, when choosing a school for your child, you want the best program and most qualified staff. But other factors also affect your child’s success at private schools.

CSS - 7 Tips to help your child succeed at Canada Star Secondary School

7 Tips to Help Your Child Succeed in Canada Star Secondary

Anyone who has been to our school knows that there is much more to it than just the education itself. There are many things to be considered, however, what’s also important is what your child can do to ensure they can enjoy their time at Canada
Star Secondary School without any worry. The article below offers seven tips that may help your child succeed in their new
routine at a private school. Each tip offers advice on helping your children feel supported and prepared for success as they adjust to their new environment.

1) Ask your child to join extra-curricular clubs
We have a number of clubs available in our school for your child to participate in. The clubs we have available in our school is golf, badminton, dance, band, art, cooking, math, basketball, and the student union club. We encourage students to participate in leadership programs, like the National Society of High School Scholars and the Duke of Edinburgh International Award Program, which promotes personal development, leadership, and community involvement.

We always encourage our students to start new clubs that are in line with their interests. Speak to your child about what they like to do and help them pursue these areas of interests. Joining clubs will help them meet other people with similar interests, learn new skills, and they get to have some fun!

2) Encourage your child to participate in sports teams

One of the most important parts of a successful private school experience is getting involved in some extracurricular activity. This is a really good way for your child to make friends with children who have similar interests, and it also allows them to learn how to be team players.

Having participated in sports teams students will boost their self-esteem and it will help them relieve their stress from school. If your child loves sports, encourage them to try out for our school’s official sports teams. We offer teams for badminton, basketball, track-and-field, golf and tennis. Joining a team will make their experience at Canada Star Secondary even better!

3) Ensure they participate in school activities and field trips

Canada Star Secondary plans two field trips a month for students to get experiences outside of the classroom. These trips range from going bowling, ice skating, visiting the science museum to going snowshoeing and hiking. We also have a lot school events and theme days. Partaking in these events will make your child feel like they are a part of a community and create a connection to the school which will instill school pride.

4) Ask them to get involved in the community through volunteering
Our school is very active in the community, and we make sure that our students have the opportunity to get involved in things like volunteering for local organizations that are focused on the same issues they care about. This will help your child succeed, by giving them real world experiences and help them to make connections within the community.

5) Encourage them to participate in AP classes

We give our students the opportunity to take Advanced Placement classes at our school. These classes prepare students to take college-level studies and receive college credit while still in our school. If your child is up for the challenge, taking AP classes will ensure they are prepared for university and will give them an academic challenge to pursue.

6) Tell them to check in with their academic advisors

Our academic advisors and counselors are available to help guide your child to achieving their educational goals. Our advisors ensure that students are on the right track to graduating, getting the help they need in their classes (i.e. providing them with tutoring options if they need it), helping them with volunteer placements and planning and preparing university applications. To ensure that your child is successful at our school, they should do weekly check in’s with their advisors to make sure they are getting the most out of their educational experience.

7) Tell your child to communicate with their teachers
Most of the time, teachers wouldn’t be doing their job if they didn’t understand different learning styles among students. This is why having a conversation with your child about what they like and dislike will go far in helping them to feel better about school and the content that is being taught. Make sure your child is reaching out to their teachers when they need help and are asking questions about the curriculum. We want to make sure your child is feeling comfortable and happy at our school.


Attending Canada Star Secondary will help your child be successful now and in the future. They will have access to numerous opportunities and be able to become an all round student. Our students are given the guidance and knowledge to be successful in school and beyond!