Student Clubs

We encourage our students to follow their passions and interests, and are always there to support their needs. Each semester, students collaborate with faculty in order to organize student-led clubs. While our clubs are always growing and changing, past semester clubs have included:

Physical Education & Sports Clubs

We offer physical education classes and have a full gymnasium and a large track and field area as part of our campus. We focus on sports such as badminton, basketball, track-and-field, and offer optional golf and tennis activities. We strongly encourage students to join some of the many opportunities we have available for staying fit and healthy while in school.

Community Service & Volunteering

Responsibility, community, and kindness. These are the qualities that shape tomorrow’s leaders. Volunteering and giving back to our community is an important part of the Canada Star Secondary spirit. Providing opportunities for our students to engage with our community is important to us. Our student services team helps students find community service placements or volunteer opportunities. These experiences strengthen our students’ character and help them to mature into adulthood.

Leadership Programs

We encourage student participation in Leadership Programs, like the National Society of High School Scholars and the Duke of Edinburgh International Award Program, which promotes personal development, leadership, and community involvement. Our goal is to equip our students with the skills they need to start affecting change in their community today.

Academic Competitions

We encourage and support students who wish to participate in mathematical, scientific or academic contests outside of the school. We encourage them to take on these challenges to advance their skills, raise confidence within themselves, and to exceed their own expectations. In past years, students have entered the University of Waterloo’s mathematics competition, one of the most well-known math competitions in Canada.

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