Summer & Winter Programs

Canada Star Secondary School offers optional short-term programs for international students that want to experience North American education firsthand. Our programs include academic and cultural components, making them both meaningful and exciting.

Summer & Winter Camps:

Featured Activities:

–        Granville Island

–        University of British Columbia campus Tour

–        Trip to Victoria and Butchart Gardens

–        Simon Fraser University Campus Tour

Students will:

  • Experience North American education, lifestyle and culture while improving their English skills
  • Visit British Columbia’s natural scenery and popular touristic attractions
  • Learn more about Canada’s aboriginal culture
  • Visit prestigious Canadian Universities
  • Receive a letter of recommendation from their instructor and a certificate of completion

Top Universities Tours:

A campus tour is the best way to experience life as a student. Our Top University Tours allow students to visit top-ranked and prestigious universities across the country. This a great opportunity to visit some of the largest and oldest universities in Canada and/or the United States.

Current students will guide you around the University campus, talk to you about university life and co-op experiences, discuss program options, and much more.

University Summer School:

We can assist students to apply for Summer School Programs offered by American universities, during the summer vacation. These courses can be 3 to 12 weeks long, depending on the program.

Students can:

  • Take credit courses, non-credit courses or language courses
  • Enhance the competitiveness of their University application
  • Receive a letter of recommendation