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Canada Star Secondary School is one of the best private schools for international students in Vancouver because of our support and services. This includes Homestay

Young Artist Hub

The Young Artist Hub is dedicated to nurturing the artistic and design talents of students through a variety of tailored art classes. Our programs provide personalized guidance and training for
students aiming to build portfolios for applications to leading art and design universities and Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Additionally, we offer classes in Art and Design Fundamentals, designed specifically for beginners, providing them with a solid foundation to kickstart their artistic journey

Students can benefit from:

– Guidance and insight for preparing Portfolios for University Applications

– AP Art and Design courses for high school and university credit

– Portfolio showcase day for prospective schools

– Art and Design instructors with professional and educational experience

Applications to most art and design universities require a Creative Portfolio consisting of original and thought-provoking work. Students in the Young Artist Hub Program will benefit from customized support and planning from experienced instructors in preparing their portfolios.

Additionally, students will have the opportunity to meet with admissions officers and experts from leading art and design post-secondary institutions during our Portfolio Showcase Day.

Meet our instructors:

David Alba- is an experienced architectural designer and post-secondary instructor. He received his Master of Architecture from the University of Toronto and holds a Bachelor of Environmental Design (Honors) from the University of British Columbia.

David has enjoyed the opportunity to have contributed to architectural projects across various geographical locations, from his home province of British Columbia, as well as in Ontario, Europe, and Africa. He has taught courses and lectured at leading post-secondary institutions specialized in art, design, and architecture.

David is dedicated to providing inclusive learning opportunities for diverse student populations. Collaborating with the Canada Star team, he aims to empower students with the knowledge and skills needed for success in their academic and professional endeavors.


Aaron Adorable- is an experienced freelance concept artist skilled in both traditional and 2D art. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Illustration and Character Design from the Alberta University of Arts.

As a successful self-employed artist, Aaron has applied his creative skills to a variety of projects, spanning illustration, concept art, and graphic design for both Canadian and international clientele. His breadth of experience has enriched his work, allowing him to draw upon a wide range of influences and expertise.

Aaron is passionate about sharing his educational and professional knowledge with the next generation of students. His genuine love for art drives his desire to inspire and teach others.

AP Drawing is a university-level course that focuses on developing visual investigations and refining drawing skills such as line, shape, value, composition, and perspective. It emphasizes creating a portfolio of artwork that showcases students’ artistic skills, creativity, and personal voice.

Students will develop core competencies in:

– Portfolio Development: Learning to create a cohesive and comprehensive portfolio of artwork that demonstrates their skills and artistic growth over time.

– Various Drawing Mediums: Students will gain proficiency in drawing using a range of mediums, including graphite, ink, conté, charcoal, and pastel.

– Critique and Reflection: Engaging in critical analysis of their own work and that of others, students will learn to give and receive constructive feedback, fostering continuous improvement.

AP 2D Art and Design is a university-level course that focuses on developing artistic skills and creativity in the context of two-dimensional art forms. Students will learn to engage with a variety of media and techniques, including graphic design, image editing, and digital drawing.

Students will develop core competencies in:

– Portfolio Development: Learning how to develop a cohesive and comprehensive portfolio of artwork that showcases their skills and artistic growth over time.

– Digital Image Editing: Learning and utilizing image editing software for digital illustrations and image effects (e.g., Photoshop, Illustrator, and Procreate).

– Focused Skill Development: Under expert guidance, students will concentrate on selected skills, allowing them to dive deeper into their artistic investigations and master specific techniques. This focused approach enables them to develop refined and original work for their

portfolios, showcasing their unique artistic perspectives.

AP 3D Art & Design is a university-level course that focuses on developing three-dimensional art skills. Students will learn to engage with a variety of media and techniques such as scale model building, sculpting, computer-aided modeling, 3D printing, and digital visualizations.

Students will develop core competencies in:

– Portfolio Development: Learning how to develop a cohesive and comprehensive portfolio of artwork that showcases their skills and artistic growth over time.

– Digital Fabrication: Learning how to effectively utilize equipment including 3D printers to improve the creative process and manufacture their digital designs.

– Analog 3D Modeling: Refining their skills in analog 3D modeling, including creating scale design mockups and sculptures, enhancing their ability to visualize and create

three-dimensional forms.

– CAD 3D Modeling: Developing proficiency in using CAD software, such as Rhino, for 3D modeling.

AP Art History is a university-level course in which students will explore the history of art across the globe from prehistory to the present. This course is an excellent choice for those contemplating post-secondary studies in fine art and design to better understand historic creative trends and movements.
Students will develop core competencies in:
– Historical Context: Learning to place artworks in their historical context, allowing them to critically dissect works of art within a broader historical narrative.
– Analysis and Interpretation: Acquiring skills in analyzing formal qualities, symbolism, and intended meanings in artworks.
– Cultural Interactions: Exploring the concepts of cultural interactions and gaining insight into how art reflects and shapes cultural identities and exchanges.
AP courses require a significant commitment, with students expected to dedicate time to assignments outside of regular classroom hours. It offers a challenging yet rewarding experience for students passionate about excelling in their artistic pursuits. Whether a student’s passion lies in drawing, painting, 2D/3D design, fashion illustration, photography, or sculpting, our program can help students explore and develop their artistic talents.

Pictures of student work: