Exciting News from Our Art Studio!

Time: 4-6pm, June 7th

Location: Canada Star Secondary School, 11295 Mellis Drive, Richmond, BC

Parking: Free parking available

Annually, our art studio proudly organizes a silent auction featuring stunning artworks from our talented students and generous community donations. If you have a piece of artwork ready for a new home and want to contribute to a charitable cause, we invite you to get in touch with us! 

This year, our goal is to raise $1000 to purchase books and art supplies for aspiring artists at Windsor Hall. A tax receipt will be issued for any item sold that exceeds $50 in value. Your generosity will directly impact their creative journey!

Accepted Types of Artwork:

  1. Framed artwork: paintings, drawings, photography, and more.
  2. Canvas artwork
  3. Wall art and decor
  4. Picture frames


Please note that we can only accept artwork that is small and light enough for one person to carry easily.
The maximum artwork sizes we can accept are as follows:

Two-dimensional artwork (paintings, photography, prints, etc.): 36 inches by 48 inches (91 cm by 122 cm).

Three-dimensional artwork (sculptures, castings, etc.): 18 inches by 18 inches by 18 inches (45 cm by 45 cm by 45 cm). 

Additionally, there is a weight limit of 30 lbs (approximately 13.6 kilograms) for each artwork donation.


Items Not Accepted:

  1. Anything valued over $1000
  2. Damaged items
  3. Artwork too large or heavy for one person to carry


Steps to Donate:

Step One: Fill out the online registration form to officially register your donation.

Step Two: Stay tuned for instructions via email regarding the delivery of your artwork.

Step Three: Join us to appreciate and bid on the incredible artwork at our silent auction!


Thank you for being a part of our art-loving community and contributing to the success of Windsor Hall students interested in the arts!