Clubs & Activities

We are committed to providing a learning experience both in and outside of the classroom. During their time at Canada Star Secondary School, students participate in a variety of experiences ranging from day trips to multi-day excursions in BC’s wilderness. Each excursion integrates curricular goals across subjects and fosters social learning and life skills through the students’ desire to learn more about themselves, the school’s community and the environment.

Field Trips and Excursions

Our commitment is to cultivate students’ confidence and ability to lead in a progressive way over time. By exposing students to outdoor activities such as hiking, canoeing, biking, camping, and wilderness survival skills, students learn and develop self-reliance, determination, teamwork, leadership, and responsibility, while enhancing classroom learning, through experience, play, and active engagement.

Cultural Celebrations

Being part of a multicultural community, we thrive to create inclusive holiday celebrations for our students. Cultural events allow students to enjoy each other’s cultures through food, music, and dance, giving a better understanding of cultural identities and allowing students to actively learn how to prepare and host major events.

A Safe Environment for All of Our Students

We are committed to providing a safe and friendly environment for every one of our students. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any unwanted behavior, including bullying or treating others in a disrespectful way. At Canada Star Secondary School, we teach students that it is vital to look after their own mental, emotional, and physical health so that they can achieve their goals.

Personal Growth & Life Skills

Extra-curricular learning and activities are an important way of supplementing our students’ academic growth and preparing their portfolio for university applications. We encourage students to join extra-curricular activities to challenges to broaden their skills and help them develop essential life skills, including taking care of themselves, maintaining healthy relationships with others, and making positive contributions to their community.

We believe it is important for students to take good care of both their mind and body, in order to maintain balance and focus within their lives.

Physical Education & Sports Clubs

We offer physical education classes and have a full gymnasium and a large track and field area as part of our campus. We focus on sports such as badminton, basketball, track-and-field, and offer optional golf and tennis activities. We strongly encourage students to join some of the many opportunities we have available for staying fit and healthy while in school.

Student Clubs

Extra-curricular learning adds flavor to life! Student clubs increase students’ skills in a variety of areas, and they provide opportunities for students to work together with their classmates in a more relaxed environment such as an after-school Dancing, Music and Performing Arts, Home Economics, or Cooking Club.

Leadership Programs

We encourage student participation in Leadership Programs, like the National Society of High School Scholars and the Duke of Edinburgh International Award Program, which promotes personal development, leadership, and community involvement. Our goal is to equip our students with the skills they need to start affecting change in their community today.

Community Service & Volunteering

Responsibility, community, and kindness. These are the qualities that shape tomorrow’s leaders. Volunteering and giving back to our community is an important part of the Canada Star Secondary spirit. Providing opportunities for our students to engage with our community is important to us. Our student services team helps students find community service placements or volunteer opportunities. These experiences strengthen our students’ character and help them to mature into adulthood.

Academic Competitions

We encourage and support students who wish to participate in mathematical, scientific or academic contests outside of the school. We encourage them to take on these challenges to advance their skills, raise confidence within themselves, and to exceed their own expectations. In past years, students have entered the University of Waterloo’s mathematics competition, one of the most well-known math competitions in Canada.

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